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Xcentric Technologies, LLC is currently producing the ExMed XLS - External Mechanical Energy Device – Xcentric Loading System line of eccentric resistance products. Our "Intelligent Resistance" technology is a combination of a movement sensitive assist system supported by a controller with proprietary software.

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Spine & Bone Health

Increase bone density, reverse musculoskeletal aging and prevent joint degeneration


Sports Training, Rehab & Injury Prevention

Injury prevention, improved performance and recovery times


Health & Fitness

Improve strength and stability


New to the ExMed XLS line of products, the BMD (Bone - Mineral - Density) focuses on spine strength and stability. Utilizing a single weight stack, this 3 in 1 unit incorporates a squat lift, leg press and a lumbar extension station complete with range of motion adjustment. Knowing space is at a premium, our design team has reduced the overall footprint to 84" (L) X 60 "(W) X 79"(H).

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"ExMed BMD"
August 2013

With our patent pending modular system, the 3 in 1 ExMed BMD includes a squat lift, leg press and lumbar extension station. Efficient, safe and cost effective, this unit provides eccentric loading by incorporating variable assistance during the lifting phase of the exercise. The eccentric load is chosen by using the pin selector on the weight stack. Proprietary software and touch screen display allows therapist/trainer to select specific parameters to administer resistance treatment programs based on individual capabilities and/or limitations.

"ExMed 360"
September 2013

The ExMed 360 features a unique "stand alone" unit. A solid base supports a cylindrical post, the patented module, and an arch designed to rotate 360 degrees. We engineered this product for "compatibility and integration" into most any existing facility utilizing selectorized equipment including duals with the single stack. With the quick release cable connect, the ExMed 360 can link with up to four selectorized machines (one at a time) to provide eccentric training for multiple muscle groups.

"ExMed XLS"
October 2013

The ExMed XLS Product line with our "modular" system is designed for integration into any existing or new facility that wishes to promote and provide eccentric strength training for their clients. Young or old, untrained or trained, the ExMed product line is the gold standard: "A Distinctive Delivery System for a Distinctive Training Method"